Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Unilever Food Solutions' First-ever Funlasang Pinoy Twist Fest

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Last August 26, the first-ever Funlasang Pinoy Twist Fest competition by Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) Philippines was held at Eastwood City. After a rigorous selection among 160 mouthwatering recipes of different Filipino dishes with a twist, only nine chefs and cooks from across the country made it to this ultimate final round. The finalist chefs were challenged to deliver the best tasting and most innovative take on the classic Pinoy dishes with fun twists that will surely fuel the love of Pinoys for Filipino cuisine.

Here are the lists of the finalists chefs and their entry dishes;

Christian Lenard Lachenal - Baked Ox Tail Kaldereta
Miguel Valdez - Sisig Mashbombs
Fernando Joson - Sisig Parmigiana
Mel Adrian Tobias - Sinigang na Sisig
John Alouette Jugo - Grilled Sinigang and Sinigang Rice with Kangkobg fLakes
Jeane Cruz - Sisig Pasta with Salted Egg
Junrey Remiter - Kalderetang tinali sa Pancit
Danilo Puga - Octopus Sisig
Rossana Rosal - Shrimp Sinigang Fried Rice

At the end it was chef Chef Danilo Puga II who became the champion with his Octopus Sisig dish.

Aside from the grand cook -off, there were also some Consessionares present at the fest in a fair like setting, they're all offering a different variety of unique products, here are some of my faves;

Native Gourmet, their 'taba ng talangka' is to die for!

Sabaw Dumplings, which offers xiao long bao with pinoy twists, I was able to try their bulalo xiao long bao and it was so good.

Nieta, sells different kinds of calamansi preserves, my fave is the calamansi, mint and gin flavor.

Last but not the least is Crackle Chips, they offer different types of snacks like potato chips and chicharon, my fave are the salted egg flavored ones, who doesn't love salted egg anything right?

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Hope you guys liked it,

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