Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ragnarok Online will be Relaunching Next Month here in the Philippines

Hey guys!

This is actually the promised update post about the upcoming relaunch of Ragnarok Online here in the Philippines, there were tons of questions that were left unanswered last May 7, at the RagnaFestival held at SM City North Edsa, so Elite and Electronics Extreme organized a Press Conference last May 12,2017 where they presented the details about the upcoming relaunch, they also invited a few active RO guild leaders to join the Q&A session last Friday.

Present to answer all of our questions were Mr.Kamphee "Ken" Phiromwad Managing Director of Electronics Extreme and Mr.Johnny Paek, CEO of Elite.

We're lucky to have a clear copy of the slides that were presented that day, here they are, most of the details about the upcoming relaunch are here in these slides. ;)

These were presented by Sir Ken of Electronics Extreme.

So there you go, of course additional questions were asked after the presentation, here are the important answers and details that were not mentioned in the slides above;

*It will be Free to Play

*There will be NO IP RESTRICTIONS, even if you're outside the country, you can still play the game and join the fun!

*You can open up to 5 clients in one PC

*There will be a lot of convinient ways to top up, the top up card will be back for sure! 

*You can now pre-register for an account at

Of course, I had to have a pic with these awesome guys behind the relaunch  of our fave MMORPG here in PH. :)

And that's it for today!

For more details and announcements about Ragnarok Online Philippines, you can visit their FB Page, it's

'till next time!

Paula ;)

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