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Tinapayan Festival's Bread and Pastries: Perfect Gift for the Holidays!

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As promised here's the Second Part of my Tinapayan Festival Series. Click Here for Part 1.

What I have for you today are some of the Breads and Pastries for the Holidays from Tinapayan Festival.

A few days ago, I was invited to a Holiday Bread Tasting, hosted by Tinapayan Festival: House of Breads located at Dapitan St. cor. Don Quijote St, Sampaloc Manila.

A lot of bread and pastries were presented to us when I arrived, all in their colorful holiday themed packaging.
Here are some of the photos that I've taken.

They have a wide selection of products that are ideal gifts, from Basic Bread to special pastries like the Traditional Fruit Cake in different sizes, Christmas Themed Cookies, Brownies and Bars, and Rolls, you don't need to think about wrapping it because like what I've said, the goodies are already in a Colorful Holiday Themed Packaging.

Now off the Bread and Pastries that I've tasted.
First up is Crema de Fruta (P55)
What I liked about this one is that the top doesn't over power the bread.

Cheese Dinner Roll (P110)
The bread itself was super good, the cheese toppings was an added bonus.

Almond Cheese Round (P165)
This is my ultimate favorite, it's not too sweet, the almond compliments the cheese, soo yummy!

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake (P132)
Super yummy! not too sweet that's why I really liked it. Perfect with a cup of my fave tea.

One of my favorite part of that afternoon was when these sumptuous babies were brought out.
From Left-Right: Silvanas Special (P25), Silvanas Regular (P18), Eclair (P22), Cream Puff (P17)
I really liked the Special Silvanas and the Eclair, the filling is not too sweet.

Custard Cake (P135)
The custard doesn't over power the bread part, they compliment each other.

Tinapayan Festival also offers Breads with Savory Fillings and Toppings.
Ham and Pimiento (P26.50)
This is one of my favorites, the combination of ham and pimiento is just right.

Savory Rolls (P31)
From Left to Right: Chicken Roll, Asado Roll, and Tuna Roll.
The Tuna roll was superb!

Bacon and Cheese (27.50)
This is a perfect combination of savory and sweet.

And of course the Highlight of that Afternoon,
Holiday Bread (P145)
This is a perfect substitute for the traditional fruit cake if you're not a fan of the heavy, rhum flavored cake like me. It looks super sweet, but I promise you, the level of sweetness is just right.

Last but not the least, one of their best sellers,
Cheese Rolls
From Left to Right: Premium (P26.50), Regular (P21)
I really love the Premium cheese roll, it's simply divine!

My Final Thoughts: I really liked all of the breads and pastries that I've tasted, almost all of their breads is on the not too sweet side which I really really liked. There are two things that got me hooked on Tinapayan Festival's products, their low selling price, and of course the quality of their bread.

If you're still looking for the perfect gift this holiday season, you should visit Tinapayan Festival and you might find what you're looking for. ;)

Tinapayan Festival has Three branches; Their main store is the one located at Dapitan St. cor. Don Quijote St. Sampaloc Manila, there's one at Fisher Mall Quezon City, and the third one is located in Market Market, BGC.

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'till next time!

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