Friday, September 1, 2017

Wo-Nut opens 12th store at SM City North Edsa

Hey guys!

Last Saturday, August 26,2017, Wo-Nut opened their 12th store at SM City North Edsa foodcourt. Wo-nut is a unique product concept, and the first of its type here in the country, it's a waffle-donut hybrid, that's why it's called Wonut.

Here's a little history of Wo-nut, according to Sir Resty (President) and Ms.Anj (EVP) of Wo-nut corp, they conceptualized it way back 2014,  but they only started executing the business idea in 2015, now 2 years later they already have 12 existing stores in different key locations around the metro, and their target is to open 16 more before the year ends.

What's special about Wo-nut aside from their unique concept is that all the ingredients that they use are fresh and imported, that's a step up from your basic waffle or donut isn't!? And they don't just offer sweet flavors, they sell some savory wo-nut sandwiches as well.

Here are some pics from the opening of their SM North Edsa foodcourt Store;

Cutie patootie kids cutting the ribbon. :)

Of course a store opening will not be complete without the blessing.

A super fun Wo-nut eating contest for the first few tweens in line.

Look at those excited people waiting for the store to officially open.

They also gave away some free Wo-nuts to a few lucky customers who were at the start of the line.

And last but not the least, a photo of their best seller Wo-nut, Almond White.

And that's it for today!
I hope you guys liked it.

BTW if you want to have your own Wo-nut kiosk, they are looking for potential franchisees and you can have your own for as low as Php188K you can know more by following them on IG:@wonutcorp and :)

'till next time!

Paula ;)

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