Saturday, August 12, 2017

Boost your Fitness Journey with the Sun Life Aquathlon

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Last Thursday, August 10, Sun Life held a press conference for the upcoming "Sun Life Aquathlon" 

Sun Life Financial Philiipines is eager to support the growing interest in multisport competitions and its bid to promote health and wellness among Filipinos, they will be hosting the first-ever Sun Life Aquathlon on September 17,2017.

BTW, for those who are not familiar with an aquathlon, it consists of a continuos, two-staged race involving swimming followed by running. Wow! that sounds more fun that your usual fun run, and it's something I would love to try if I have extra time for proper training. ;)

The Sun Life Aquathlon is designed to be the perfect race for the newbie who wishes to get his/her feet wet in multisport, while it gives the race-honed triathlete a variation in his/her training program.

There will be two(2) categories:
- The "Aqua Full" which features a 400-meter swim and a 5-km run.
- The "Aqua Lite" which consists of a 200-meter swim and a 3-km run.

Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer, Mylene Lopa started the program and talked about their mission to help Filipinos achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives, and the Sun Life Aquathlon.

Ms.Jaymie Pizarro was also there, she talked about GoWell, a wellness community created by Sun Life that promotes holistic wellness through a fit and active lifestyle, healthy eating, and living a balanced life.

A representative from the Sun Life Aquathlon Organizers,  Bike King Philippines, one of the country's trusted and leading multisport event organizers, explained to us the planned flow of the Aquathlon;

The race will kick off at the Makati Aqua Sports Arena (MASA), where aquathletes will start with the swim in the 50-meter long MASA pool, before heading to the transitionarea to don their running gear. After crossing the overpass that links MASA to the University of Makati (UMak), they will then complete the run in UMak's track, before finally making their way to the finish line.

Registration for the Sun Life Aquathlon opened last June 1 and will last until August 15 or until slots last. The Sun Life Aquathlon also gives participants in the "Aqua Full" category the chance to earn points for Bike King's annual campaign dubbed "Multisport Athlete of the Year" a series of awatds given to men and women who have excelled in Bike King's different multisport events.

The Sun Life Aquathlon is also supported by Speedo, Gatorade, Timex, and Gardenia.
To find out more about the event, visit

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