Friday, June 9, 2017

Sun Life Financial Launches Sun Shorts 2

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Last Wednesday, June 7,2017 at Makati Shangri-La, Sun Life Financial launched Sun Shorts 2, a new collection of digital short films that highlight the relationships that make lives #brightertogether.
The first Sun Shorts was released way back 2012 and the project has been recognized by different prestigious local and international award-giving bodies, which lauded the creative approach to promoting insurance and investment products.

Sun Shorts 2 is one of the few campaigns and activities that Sun Life prepared for the 2017 (4th) Financial Independence Month (June).

Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer, Mylene Lopa explaining about Sun Shorts 2 and the activities and campaigns SunLife planned for the 4th Financial Independence Month.

Sun Shorts 2 will feature 3 short films with stories about love, hope, and commitment inspired by Sun Life's clients;

First film is "Waves", this was already released on and on the Sun Life FB page last June 7, directed by Zig Marasigan, it gives a peek into the lives and hearts of millennials. It features Marco, a surfing instructor who lives a carefree life, who falls in love with Amanda. Will the waves bring them closer together?

Second is "She Said, She Said", this will premier on June 14, directed by Nic Reyes, it's about the journey of a young single mom. Questions hound her, as she struggles to raise her daughter alone while striving to reach her own dreams. Is she doing the right thing? Is she enough for her daughter? As her doubts grow, she will find the comfort she needs in the last place she thought of looking.

Last but not the least is "Sayaw" this will premier on June 21, directed by Mihk Vergara, the film delves into the part of a love story that's not often explored. When the feelings start to fade and a couple starts to drift apart, what should it take for them to find their rhythm and rediscover the steps to a dance they used to to so well?

Of course, I'm going to share some of my thoughts (promise, no spoilers for the last two films!) about the shorts, I loved every single minute, scratch that, every single second of each film, all of them left me teary eyed, (by teary eyed I mean I almost cried but I have to stop myself because I don't wanna cry while I'm surrounded by a lot of people at the premier :D) specially waves which is my second fave and sayaw my ultimate fave, the films also made me think about the things that I'm currently taking for granted, and the things that I should start doing now.

Here are some photos from the launch.

The directors talking about the shorts and giving us some insights about their experience while filming.

And the Sun Life brand Ambassadors; Piolo Pascual, Matteo Guidicelli, Judy Anne Santos, and Ms.Charo Santos shared their thoughts and reactions about the shorts and how they can relate to the characters in the stories.

 Sun Life has a surprise for those who will watch the Sun Shorts on their FB page, it's their Tag & Talk 2 Tokyo Promo, just watch Sun Shorts, tag a friend, for a chance to fly to tokyo.

The Sun Life brand ambassadors posing with the directors of Sun Shorts 2.

BTW guys just like like what I've mentioned above, aside from releasing Sun Shorts 2, Sun Life will also hold a series of activities throughout June (4th Financial Independence Month) as a next step for those who would like to boost their financial journey. It's to give Filipinos the opportunity to learn about life insurance and mutual funds. For details about the upcoming activities, you can visit @sunlifeph on twitter and on IG, and their FB page.

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Hope you'll all watch the Sun Shorts films, and if you did, please do share you're thoughts with me. ;)

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