Saturday, May 20, 2017

#MakeitMutual with Sun Life Asset Management

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Last Wednesday, May 17,2017, Sun Life Asset Management held #MakeitMutual at B-Hotel Quezon City, present at the event were Gerald "GB" Bautista, Head of Bank and Alternative Distribution Channels of SLAMCI, Mylene Lopa, Chief Marketing Officer Sun Life Financial -Philippines, and Actor, Matteo Guidicelli.

At the event, they announced that they will be launching a new campaign called "Make It Mutual" a series of vlogs (video blogs) featuring Matteo Guidicelli which aims to educate Filipinos especially Millennials who are between 25 to 35 years old about how investing in mutual funds can make them achieve their life goals.

The vlogs will discuss topics that are relevant to personal finance, such as growing one's money, beating inflation and investing regularly.

All the vlogs will be released and shared in different social networking sites so it will be very accesible to us millenials who wanted to learn more about investing.

BTW, I just want to share this to you guys, I myself is a millennial who started working just a few years ago, and surprise surprise! I'm still having a hard time saving up, it's really hard to resist temptations knowing that I have access to my savings that's just sitting in my bank account, and everything's just a swipe away. Whenever I tell myself that I won't touch the money in that savings account, I still end up buying something online, or splurging a lot in that most anticipated 3 day sale of a local mall, and of course one of the biggest culprit is my online game addiction, I'm never contented that my in game avatar is just average, I always wanted to be stronger than other players, and I need to spend money to achieve that, that's the current cycle of my life. That's the reason why i'm really excited to learn about investing in mutual funds, it'll be a way for me to be able to break that never ending cycle.

#MakeItMutual was a really eye opening event for me, aside from learning that Matteo is a fellow millennial, (he's only 27 guys!) I learned that we can start investing in mutual funds with just Php5,000  via the Sun Life Prosperity Card, and you can add a minimum of Php1,000 to the fund every pay day or whenever you have extra money for saving, isn't it awesome? Everytime we hear or read about investments, mutual funds, etc. we always think that we'll need to have tons of money to be able to start, but with the Sun Life Properity Card, you can start with just Php5,000 and make it grow eventually. It's still best to talk to a financial advisor so that you can be guided how to start the right way.
You can visit to know more.

Here are some photos from the event. :)

From L-R; Gerald Bautista, Matteo Guidicelli, and Mylene Lopa
Gerald Bautista explaining about Mutual Funds
Mylene Lopa talking about the Make It Mutual Campaign
Matteo talking about Make it Mutual
Q&A session with Gerald Bautista, Matteo, and Mylene Lopa
And that's it for today!
Stay tuned for the Make It Mutual vlogs in Sun Life's SNS accounts, you can follow them on the ff links;

Oh before I forget, Sun Life will be conducting some financial planning sessions on these areas;

Metro Manila
June 15
June 29
July 27

July 1

July 13

You can check their social media links above for more details. ;)

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