Sunday, May 7, 2017

Gravity, Electronics Extreme, and ELITE holds Ragnarok Festival plus Ragnarok Philippines' possible launch date

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Earlier, Ragnarok Festival was held at SM City North Edsa Annex.

For those who were not familiar with Ragnarok Online, it's the first full MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that Filipino gamers loved and still love, the game was also known as the pioneer of MMORPGs here in our country, it's actually the first ever online game that I played way back when I was in high school.
A lot of Filipino gamers were devastated (including myself) last 2015 when the game formally shut down after 12 years of operation.

Anyway, the good news is Ragnarok Online will be back real soon here in the Philippines! The Ragnarok Festival is the first Ragnarok Online gaming event in years and it definitely hinted the return of the game here in PH.

The event featured everything RO, there were cosplay performances, RO inspired contests like the headgear designing competion, and the fan art contest, Imago and Sandwich was also there to entertain RO fans.

Here are a few snaps;

Today's hosts

Cosplay Performance featuring the characters/jobs  from RO
(Photo Credit: Ms.Donna of

The most awaited part of the event is the  press conference featuring the COO of Gravity, Kitamura Yoshinori, COO of Electronics Extreme, Rithirong Kaewvicheara, and CEO of Elite, Johnny Paek.

(Gravity Co.Ltd., are the developers of RO, Electronics Extreme currently owns the publishing rights to Ragnarok Online in Asia, and ELITE is the Philippine publishing partner.)

They talked about the success of Ragnarok Online after its relaunch in Taiwan,  Thailand and Indonesia last year. According to a popular Taiwanese game web site, RO ranked number 1 as the most popular game in Taiwan and Thailand. And they said, "very soon" it'll be the number 1 game (again) here in the Philippines.

Mr.Kitamura Yoshinori of Gravity Co.Ltd.
(Photo Credit: Ms.Donna of

Mr.Rithirong Kaewvichaera COO of Electronics Extreme
(Photo Credit: Ms.Donna of

Johnny Paek CEO of ELITE
(Photo Credit: Ms.Donna of

So here are some juicy bonus stuff, we were able to score a short interview with the COO of Electronics Extreme Mr.Rithirong Kaewvicheara and according to him, the earliest possible launch of Ragnarok Online here in PH is on the First week of June, and potentially, it will be Free to Play. When asked about the in game items, he said that most of the items will be dropped by mobs instead of buying everything from the item mall. That's all the info that they were able to give right now, but they promised that there will be more in the coming weeks. ;)

Here's a pic of the crowd in the event earlier, there are still more lined up outside the event area, this proves how excited everyone is for the return of Ragnarok Online here in PH. :)

And that's it for today!
I'll be updating you all as soon as they release more info about the upcoming relaunch of Ragnarok Online here in the Philippines, so stay tuned! You can also follow Ragnarok Online Philippines on Facebook for more details. ;)

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  2. If its free to play then im pretty sure there will be items to sell from the item Mall. Also, they should start fresh without trans and just update sooner or later. Hoping that Ragnarok will be #1 again. :) Thanks for this blog.

    -John Lee Ungriano

    1. Hi john thank you for reading! Here's an update; they will be holding a press conference tomorrow where they are going to answer game related questions, we'll be posting live updates tomorrow starting @11am on our facebook page so stay tuned!

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