Thursday, January 28, 2016

SM City North EDSA: A New Light of Prosperity Exhibit Launch + My Chinese Caligraphy and Painting Workshop Experience

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Last January 24, I was invited at SM City North EDSA for a Chinese Caligraphy and Painting Workshop and also for the launch of their first activity for the coming Chinese New Year; An exhibit of over 100 hand-painted lanterns by the notable Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students. The exhibit is called A New Light of Prosperity.

Lanterns are known as Traditional decoration for the Chinese culture and are being widely used in grand celebrations. SM City North EDSA presents a grand collection of these beautiful hand-painted lanterns as a wish for a bright future.

Here are some photos of my favorite lanterns from the exhibit.

Dr.Alex Chan Lim started the program by giving some details about the Lanterns featured in the Exhibit and the Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students.

*Featuring works from 35 artists, the Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students exhibits more than 1,000 artworks every year in different venues across the country.

*The Chan Lim Family of Artists has been actively involved in the arts for more than four decades now.

*The family patriarch, Chan Lim, has dabbled in Western art, specializing in Oil and Watercolors. Bound by their passion with arts, the Chan Lim family of artists has conducted numerous art classes, workshops, seminars, and on-the-spot painting demonstrations. The have joined several art exhibits locally and internationally. To date, the family has staged fourteen family painting exhibits.

*The Chan Lim family is one of the few remaining notable Chinese brush painting artists in the country today, and is sought after in this field. Art classes are conducted in the family studio located in Pasig City. Their paintings can be found in private collections here and abroad.

Before the workshop, Dr.Alex also did an on-the-spot Chinese Painting demo for us.

I'm really amazed by his painting skills.

He paints on rice paper using a Chinese brush and Watercolor.

The Grace Christian College Chinese Orchestra played a few Chinese songs when the workshop started.

My first ever Chinese Painting!

I really enjoyed the workshop and I learned alot. At first, I had a hard time learning the basics, I'm used to painting using acrylics, so painting using chinese ink and watercolor is a challenge for me. I'm really thankful for Ms.Ella who was my Chinese Painting teacher that day, she's a part of Chan Lim family of Artists and Students.

Here are more photos from the launch.
Amazing painting by Chan Lim

The Chinese Lantern Exhibit is located at The Block Atrium, SM City North EDSA and will run from January 24 to February 11, 2016.

For my fellow shopaholics out there, I think this weekend is the best time to drop by at SM City North EDSA because aside from the amazing Chinese Lantern Exhibit, There's the Great Northern Sale that started today, it's until the 31st, so it's like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone! Hehe!

SM City North EDSA's Chinese New Year celebration continues with other exciting activities such as Chinese musical performances, oriental market, astrological readings, and a dragon dance.

You can find more details by visiting the ff. SNS accounts;
SM City North EDSA

Chan Lim

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