Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hello There!

Hi Everyone!

Finally! I was able to set up a new blog where I can post all the non-nail things that i want to review / share online. Of course I need to introduce myself first, I'm Paula, actually, I already have a blog, and it'll be turning 4 years old next month, it's a Nail Focused Beauty Blog called WoW Nails I used to share non-nail related events / products on WoW Nails, but recently I realized that the non-nail stuff that I wanted to write about are increasing that's why I created this Lifestyle blog where I will write about / share all my thoughts about the non-nail stuff that I love. ;)

I named this blog Crazy Little Things I Love because what I'll be sharing here most of the time are things events that I like, love, and i'm interested in. I had a hard time deciding what to name this blog, a friend of mine said that i should name it after myself but my beau told me that I should think of a creative and catchy blog name, after considering a few options I ended up with Crazy Little Things I Love.

And that's it for my little introduction.

Will start posting soon!

Paula x

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