Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays! featuring my Poinsettia Nail Art

Hey guys!

I just want to greet every single one of you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas!

I also want to share to you my Christmas Day Nail Art. The complete deets can be found HERE!

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Happy Holidays!

Paula ;)

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tinapayan Festival's Bread and Pastries: Perfect Gift for the Holidays!

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Happy Wednesday!
As promised here's the Second Part of my Tinapayan Festival Series. Click Here for Part 1.

What I have for you today are some of the Breads and Pastries for the Holidays from Tinapayan Festival.

A few days ago, I was invited to a Holiday Bread Tasting, hosted by Tinapayan Festival: House of Breads located at Dapitan St. cor. Don Quijote St, Sampaloc Manila.

A lot of bread and pastries were presented to us when I arrived, all in their colorful holiday themed packaging.
Here are some of the photos that I've taken.

They have a wide selection of products that are ideal gifts, from Basic Bread to special pastries like the Traditional Fruit Cake in different sizes, Christmas Themed Cookies, Brownies and Bars, and Rolls, you don't need to think about wrapping it because like what I've said, the goodies are already in a Colorful Holiday Themed Packaging.

Now off the Bread and Pastries that I've tasted.
First up is Crema de Fruta (P55)
What I liked about this one is that the top doesn't over power the bread.

Cheese Dinner Roll (P110)
The bread itself was super good, the cheese toppings was an added bonus.

Almond Cheese Round (P165)
This is my ultimate favorite, it's not too sweet, the almond compliments the cheese, soo yummy!

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake (P132)
Super yummy! not too sweet that's why I really liked it. Perfect with a cup of my fave tea.

One of my favorite part of that afternoon was when these sumptuous babies were brought out.
From Left-Right: Silvanas Special (P25), Silvanas Regular (P18), Eclair (P22), Cream Puff (P17)
I really liked the Special Silvanas and the Eclair, the filling is not too sweet.

Custard Cake (P135)
The custard doesn't over power the bread part, they compliment each other.

Tinapayan Festival also offers Breads with Savory Fillings and Toppings.
Ham and Pimiento (P26.50)
This is one of my favorites, the combination of ham and pimiento is just right.

Savory Rolls (P31)
From Left to Right: Chicken Roll, Asado Roll, and Tuna Roll.
The Tuna roll was superb!

Bacon and Cheese (27.50)
This is a perfect combination of savory and sweet.

And of course the Highlight of that Afternoon,
Holiday Bread (P145)
This is a perfect substitute for the traditional fruit cake if you're not a fan of the heavy, rhum flavored cake like me. It looks super sweet, but I promise you, the level of sweetness is just right.

Last but not the least, one of their best sellers,
Cheese Rolls
From Left to Right: Premium (P26.50), Regular (P21)
I really love the Premium cheese roll, it's simply divine!

My Final Thoughts: I really liked all of the breads and pastries that I've tasted, almost all of their breads is on the not too sweet side which I really really liked. There are two things that got me hooked on Tinapayan Festival's products, their low selling price, and of course the quality of their bread.

If you're still looking for the perfect gift this holiday season, you should visit Tinapayan Festival and you might find what you're looking for. ;)

Tinapayan Festival has Three branches; Their main store is the one located at Dapitan St. cor. Don Quijote St. Sampaloc Manila, there's one at Fisher Mall Quezon City, and the third one is located in Market Market, BGC.

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TINAPAYAN FESTIVAL, House of Breads – Speaks of Real Bread Flavor and No Other

Hey Guys!

Happy Tuesday!

Recently, I just discovered an amazing bakery located at Dapitan St. Manila called Tinapayan Festival, House of Breads.
This is the First Part of a Series about Tinapayan Festival. Today, you'll know about the basic details about Tinapayan Festival, how they started and what they offer.

When a small business turns into something near to an institution in a community after years of being there, it only means one thing – there is something definitely good in it.  For Tinapayan Festival:  House of Breads, bringing the real value and importance of bread to the public is their main thrust.

Situated at the corner of Dapitan and Don Quijote Sts. In Manila is a business that has been there for nearly 3 decades.  What started out as a simple bread store is now an establishment that serves both soft and sweet dough breads to the public.  Owned by Mr. Lucito Chavez, this panadero – as he calls himself, is a person truly dedicated in making his breads nearer to the consuming public and true to what a sweet and soft dough bread should be.  His aim is to make people truly value this staple food in terms of nutrients and the craftsmanship that goes with each piece created and served.

Tinapayan Festival is currently serving loaves – standard and specialized, cakes, savory breads, cookies, sweet and soft dough creations such as cheese rolls and ensaymadas.  They have a bread creation for nearly all occasions.
Whatever bread creation you choose, Tinapayan Festival stays true to deliver to you good quality bread; not too sweet or salty, simply just right for all ages.  You will taste real bread flavor and the added flavor ingredients in every bite; such is the experience you will have when you try their specialized loaves, cheese rolls, ensaymadas, and other bread creations.  They also make sure that what is served to you is freshly baked for the day.  Tinapayan Festival bakes their bread the whole day, every day. 

Here's a photo of a few Breads that they offer.

Enjoy a wide variety of loaves!  From your standard American loaf (commonly called as tasty), to cheese loaves, to ube loaves and even wheat loaves – for the healthy minded individual, they have something for you.  As a gift, either to yourself, your family, friends or love ones, choose from their wide selection such as ensaymada - regular or special (either with red egg, with ham or ube), cheese rolls – regular or premium, ube twirls, potato breads, banana cakes (sliced or whole), bars (caramel, blueberry or strawberry), round cakes (almond cheese cakes, cheese dinner roll, holiday bread, black forest, etc), brownies, cookies and pianono.

This holiday season, Tinapayan Festival is accepting bulk orders of your American loaf bread (commonly known as tasty) at a discounted price!  You may start calling them at 732-2188/7328718 to get details and file your orders, if interested.

At present, Tinapayan Festival has three store locations; the main store in Manila (at the corner of Don Quijote and Dapitan Sts.), the one at the Fisher Mall in Quezon City (old Pantranco area) and that of in Market, Market in Bonifacio Global City (BGC).  You can enjoy all of their bestsellers and find new favorites when you visit any of their store locations.

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Stay tuned for the next part of my Tinapayan Festival series.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The New Solution to Greying Hair, Grey Away!

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Happy Wednesday!

Last December 10, a new product called Grey Away was officially launched.

We all want to look youthful for as long as possible.  But for most people as they reach their mid 30’s,  the first visible sign of aging appears –their first grey hair.  And once this happens, there’s no turning back.
Until recently, the thought of not ever having grey hair or at least delaying it, was unfathomable.

But a recent scientific breakthrough has made the prevention of grey hair possible.
Melanin is the pigment that gives color to hair.  As we age the production of melanin is reduced, turning hair to grey.   By stimulating the production of melanin, it can stop and reverse the greying of hair.
Grey Away Anti-Grey Hair Treatment is a breakthrough product that can actually stop the greying of hair and bring back its natural color.

Grey Away Anti-Grey Hair Treatment contains two main ingredients:
(1) Melitane- a polypeptide that stimulates melanin production, preventing the greying of hair.
(2) EMortal Pep- a 4-amino acid polypeptide that promotes hair growth.

How to Use grey Away
1. Wash and dry hair thoroughly.
2. Spray Grey Away onto scalp and massage gently.
3. Repeat the process twice a day, one in the morning and another at night.

By following these steps meticulously and strictly, you will see grey hair return  to its natural
color in less than 2 months.  Continuous use of Grey Away is essential to keep the natural
color of hair.

Grey Away Anti-Grey Hair Treatment is available in  leading drugstores and department stores nationwide.

With Grey Away Anti-Grey Hair Treatment,  you can keep grey hair away !

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Hi everyone!

I just want to share to you guys something.

When you look in the mirror and see your first strands of grey hair, do you feel disheartened? Exasperated even?

The greying of hair, after all, is a sign of aging-- and you like most people want to look youthful.

Looking and being old – though it has some advantages (e.g., people would think you are wiser) – is, more often than not, associated with frailty and bodily deterioration. Being frail is something you are not – and would not want to be perceived as – when you are in your mid 30’s, which is the average age when hair starts to turn grey.

Aging is a natural process that cannot be reversed or stopped. Until recently, the only way to deal with unwanted grey hair is to cover it by using hair dye or by shaving it.

What causes grey hair?

The pigment that gives color to human skin, eyes and hair is called melanin.

As we grow old, the build-up of hydrogen peroxide in our hair follicles causes oxidative stress. This inhibits the production of melanin by the color-producing cells called melanocytes. Without melanin, there is absence of color. Thus, our hair stands turn grey.

The time when our hair turns grey is dictated by our genetics and other hereditary factors. Greying of hair can also be caused by stress, smoking, virtiligo, thyroid disease, lack of proper diet, and Vitamin B12 deficiency. It can also be caused by medications or treatments like chemotherapy.

Is there a  way  to stop the greying of hair?
Yes, there is now a way to stop the greying of hair and bring back its natural color.

Dermpharma Inc, the company behind the phenomenal Minoxidil Regroe Hair Regrowth Treatment, recently launched  another breakthrough product aptly called  GREY AWAY.  This product stops the greying of hair and brings back the natural color of hair by stimulating the production of melanin, the pigment that gives hair its color.

Grey Away Anti-Grey Hair Treatment is a scientific breakthrough in hair color restoration. It contains Melitane®, a biomimetic polypeptide that stimulates melanin production; and EMortal Pep™, a 4-amino acid polypeptide that promotes hair growth.

After spraying, Grey Away penetrates deep down into the hair roots and induces the maturity and activity of melanocytes at the hair bulge stem cell region. The matured melanocytes migrate to the hair bulb and induce the synthesis of melanin.

The melanin is exported to the keratinocytes, which starts the pigmentation of the hair follicle from its root--restoring the natural color of your hair.

How do you use Grey Away?

Grey Away is easy to use.  Just follow these steps:

1. Clean your hair by either taking a shower or rubbing your scalp with a cotton ball soaked in scalp cleanser or
2. Dry you hair thoroughly.
3. Part your hair and spray Grey Away directly to your scalp.
4. Massage your scalp gently and let it dry.
5. Repeat the process twice daily, preferably one in the morning and one at night.

By following these steps meticulously and strictly, you will see your grey hair turn  to its natural color in less than 2 months.  Continuous use of Grey Away is essential to keep grey hair away and keep  the natural color of your hair.

Grey Away Anti-Grey Hair Treatment is available in  leading drugstores and department stores.

With Grey Away Anti-Grey Hair Treatment, the greying of hair is a thing of the past.

People will still be second-guessing about your age, but it is now something to smile about. Start looking young even when you are past 50.

Say your goodbyes  “Grey hair, go away!”

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Gary V on Novuhair: putting energy into prevention

Hi Everyone!

​Nothing describes Gary Valenciano quite like his moniker “Mr. Pure Energy,” He
is the very image of youthful vibrance, whether onstage or not. That’s why it
shouldn’t come as a surprise that he values the way he looks the same way that
he values the core of who he is: a prayerful, faithful husband, dependable father,
and an outstanding entertainer.

​Part of what makes Gary stay young looking is his head of hair. What many
people don’t know is that, like all other men his age, Gary once worried about
hair thinning and hair loss. That’s why, at the first signs of the problem, Gary
sought to find ways to prevent it from becoming worse.

​“I first noticed the hair loss in the shower, after I toweled my hair dry. Then one
day, my team of hairstylists noticed that my hair was thinning, too. That’s when
they told me to look for the product that Fanny Serrano was using, a product
called NOVUHAIR,” remarked Gary on his journey to regaining control over his
hair loss.

​NOVUHAIR is a topical scalp lotion that is a unique combination of 14 different
natural ingredients and essential oils for a healthier hair and scalp. One of
the factors of hair loss, according to studies, is stress, something that Gary
experiences on almost a daily basis. Other factors include hereditary disorders, a
persistent illness, major surgery, hormonal problems, childbirth & delivery,
medications, infections, pollutants, and even excessive exposure to sunlight. And
contrary to popular belief, hair loss is as much a problem for women as it is for
men. In many cases, hair loss may be prevented or alleviated through early
detection. In the case of Gary, his decision to try NOVUHAIR to prevent his
symptoms from worsening made a big difference, and within a few months, he
saw remarkable results.

​Gary shares his experience with NOVUHAIR as he tells the story of their family
hair history: “Hair loss runs in our family, too, even if it sometimes skips a
generation. My brother and grandfather both lost their hair, but my dad still has a
full head of hair at 87. I just wanted to make sure I take control of my symptoms.
Now, I use NOVUHAIR everyday, and I’ve noticed that I don’t shed as much hair
as I did before, especially after toweling my hair dry. And my hairstylists noticed
it, too. I love using NOVUHAIR because it has this minty, cool effect that makes
me feel like my hair is always clean and fresh.”

​“In less than a month and half, I already saw results even if I was told to wait
three to four months before I can see a difference. The effects on me were much
faster. There were fewer strands on my white towel, which basically was within
the normal boundaries of hair loss for an average person. Before using
NOVUHAIR, I used to shed more.” This is due to the fact that NOVUHAIR
penetrates deep to help rejuvenate, nourish, & maintain moisture in the scalp and
hair. By improving the blood circulation in the scalp, NOVUHAIR helps stimulate
hair growth and aid in preventing further, excessive hair fall, while also improving
the overall appearance of the hair.

​“I never endorse a product that I did not experience first. I have to make sure it is
really effective. With Novuhair, I can say that it has really contributed to my
peace of mind and overall well-being. And, heads up, as Novuhair is now part of
my daily routine, which includes prayer, diet, and medication. God has truly lived
up to his promise in my life, and as he says in Psalm 92:14 ‘I will keep you fruitful
even in old age. Fresh and green.’ I am very happy now that Novuhair is a part of

NOVUHAIR, Nature’s Answer to Hair Loss is available in all Mercury Drug outlets,
Watsons, Rose Pharmacy, South Star Drug & Manson Drug, Metro Gaisano Pharmacy,
The Landmark (Makati & TriNoma), J Centre Mall (Cebu), KCC Malls (Gen. Santos City
& Koronadal City), NCCC Malls (Palawan & Davao), Gaisano Malls (Davao & Gen.
Santos City) and online at and For
inquiries, call 413-6570 or 0922-8830575.

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Quezon Filipino + Spanish Buffet Now Open at Fisher Mall!

Hey guys!

Last Nov.23,2015 Quezon Filipino + Spanish Buffet opened at the 2nd floor of Fisher Mall located along Quezon Avenue, Quezon City.

The event was graced by media friends, celebrities, and VIP guests.

After the success of their first concept buffet-Guevarras, Gruppo Guevarras Inc. (GGI) 
has opened its doors in Quezon City aptly named Quezon buffet. 

Carrying GGI’s vision, Quezon Buffet undoubtedly exudes with high caliber dishes at very 
affordable rates. Quezon showcased variety of gastronomic fares that will surely suit everyone’s 
palates. It merges the comforts of home and gourmet delicacies by catering our country’s 

Nestled in the heart of Quezon Avenue, Quezon buffet carries an ambiance of an old-
world charm and rustic appeal.  GGI upholds their commitment in reminding the general public 
especially the younger generations about our county’s greatest heroes; as well as preserving 
our culture through local cuisines.

Here are some photos of the buffet's interior.

Exuding with elegant ambiance, Quezon buffet incorporates classic lines and Art Deco 
pieces into its interior, creating a classic touch. The backdrops are great for photo-taking which 
is a known Filipino past –time in every family gatherings, an intimate date with your special 
someone or the perfect bonding tick with your friends.

Quezon exudes a classy vibe, from its spacious fa├žade, soft lightings, to minimalist 
interiors of black and white tones. The woodworks and sparkling chandeliers – blends the 
antiquated with cosmopolitan and classic, as well as the convenience of modern life. 

The walls are well-themed with photos of President Quezon through the years, giving 
customers a nostalgic ambiance.
Quezon gives a convenient and cozy vibe as the dishes are arranged per station and are 
neatly presented.

The whole place can accommodate close to 200 pax with spacious function rooms that 
can accommodate 30-35 persons, 

The Buffet area is divided into different sections;

First Up is the Sisig and Grill Section

Main Course Section

Alongside the grill section is the Carvings section and Sawsawan Bar.

Appetizers Section.

And of course, my favorite, the Dessert Section!

I was also able to take pictures of some of the dishes they offer,
Here are some from the Sisig section.

Dishes from the carvings section, it's one of my favorite sections because of the super yummy Lechon Chili Belly.

And of course you can't fully enjoy lechon without the Sawsawan.

Now here are a few of my favorite dishes from the Main Course section.

Too bad, I was not able to take any photos of the dishes from the appetizer section, :( but my favorite dish from that section is definitely the Croquetas!

Here are some of the Desserts that Quezon offers,

This last one but definitely not the least is my favorite from the dessert section, the soft serve ice cream machine! dinners got to twirl their very own ice cream. You can choose between avocado and vanilla or you can combine both, like what I did.

Here's my creation, haha I even added a chunk of leche flan and a little of brownie for it to be instagram worthy hehe.

And the best thing about Quezon Buffet aside from the food is definitely the price.
It's sooo affordable!

Complementing the dishes, 
the place is satisfying as the 
service is generally noble. Their service staff are nice and friendly, 
accompanying customers from the 
front lobby up to their seats. They depict one of the good traits of every Filipino, which is being 
hospitable to guests.

And that's it for now!

If you want to know more about Quezon, you can check their SNS Accounts listed below, or you can also contact them on the given info.

'till next time!

Paula ;)

Sunday, December 6, 2015

2015 Best Ramen in Manila by a Japanese Reviewer

Hey guys!

Happy monday! I just want to share something to my fellow foodies out there!

Gaku Nakamura is a self-styled Japanese Ramen Consultant living in Manila. Last year, he listed his top 10 ramen with Ramen Nagi topping the list. But with a number of new and authentic restaurants popping up, here is some of Gaku-san’s top ramen for 2015!

#5 Mendokoro Ramenba

MUST TRY: Shoyu Tonkatsu

Gaku says: “Mendokoro has tonkotsu-based ramen with chashu. The restaurant looks just like a Japanese-style kitchen and it reminds me of a good ramen restaurant in Japan, Afuri. The taste of the broth and chasu is very nice.”

#4 Mitsuyado Seimen

MUST TRY: Cheese Tsukemen

Gaku says: “Tsukemen soup is yuzu flavor and the noodles are thick. I have never thought that cheese can fit wih Tsukemen, but you will be satisfied once you taste it at Mitsuyado!

#3 Ramen Daisho

MUST TRY: Miso Ramen

Gaku says: “The best Miso ramen in Manila! It is located along Shaw Blvd. Although not located in a major mall, lots of people go there just to eat Daisho's delicious ramen. Not only ramen, but their gyoza are also delicious.”

#2 Ramen Nagi

MUST TRY: Butao Ramen

Gaku says: “Nagi’s tonkotsu-based broth tastes like real Japanese tonkotsu. If you’re a first-time visitor, try Butao. When you've eaten half of it, try to add their Fire sauce to change the taste. You can also change the firmness of the ramen and the toppings based on your preference.”

#1 Find out Gaku-san’s #1 best ramen in Manila, check out the full list on

Talk about Good Food on Foozap!
Foozap is your personal food diary loaded online. From the words, “Food” and “Usap” (Filipino word for “talk”), Foozap allows you to share your food adventures, search and discover the best restaurants, and create your own foodie community.

You can check out food reviews from the top food bloggers, post photos of restaurants you’ve recently tried, add restaurants on your “Wish” list and get notifications if any of your friends visited and reviewed your wished restaurant.

Check out Foozap to start your own food journey! Simply log-in or download the android app. You can also like their facebook page, to join giveaways to your favorite restaurants.

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