Friday, June 15, 2018

Grand Chase is Making a Comeback as a Mobile Game

Hey guys!

Today, I will be sharing some very exciting news to you!

GrandChase is Coming Back here in the Philippines Soon! And it will be in the form of a Mobile Game.

I was suuuuperrr excited when I first read the news because I played GrandChase (PC RPG) since 2008 when it was launched here in PH, until around 2012.

KOG Inc. CEO, Lee, Jong-Won announced that the Real-Time Strategy Action RPG Grand Chase-Dimensional Chaser, the globally renowned Korean game, will start pre-registration on June 13th
It's June 15 now so you can pre-register here:

‘GrandChase’ is a popular Action RPG game loved by the millions of users in the Philippines for many years. Since its inception 15 years ago, the game captured 20 Million users around the world and is considered as the PC Online Game that defined the 2000s.

GrandChase-Dimensional Chaser is the Official sequel to the popular online PC game 'GrandChase', a new mobile game that is developed by KOG's GrandChase PC online dev- team members. It was first released in Korea in January of 2018 and immediately became popular after its launch that it ranked 1st place in the Apple App Store and the 2nd place in the Google Play Store.

Mobile game GrandChase-Dimensional Chaser, has all the elements of the original GrandChase loved by millions of players worldwide plus new and exciting features. This includes an exciting combat system wherein players can attack numerous enemies with a simple tap and drag operation, a strategic team combo battle system up to a team of four members, directional skills and various sequence combo control makes this game action packed and intuitive. The background music "Hope" (BGM) and the original characters of GrandChase will makes users nostalgic. In addition, there are new 60 characters, new and enormous storyline for mobile version.

GrandChase–Dimensional Chaser Dev team said,

"We are very pleased to announce that the official sequel of GrandChase in Mobile will be released to our dedicated Filipino fans who have nostalgic memories of the original game."

"It is not just about memories, but this is a game filled with new experiences and fun for new players as well. You’ll be able to experience the unique and familiar charm of GrandChase while embarking on new and fresh adventures."

In cooperation with ELITE GAMES (KOG’s Philippines Publishing Partner), KOG will be commencing registration through the official homepage and SNS (Facebook) at the same time when the <GrandChase - Dimensional Chaser> pre-registration starts with a countdown for its upcoming official release.

For more information about <GrandChase-Dimensional Chaser>, please visit the official website ( and the official SNS (

And that's it for today guys!
I hope a lot of you is as excited as me! ;)

'Till next time!

Paula ;)

KOG is a game company started in 2000 with the aim of creating world-class games based on its excellent and cutting-edge technology. Today, GrandChase-Dimensional Chaser and Elsword is not only present in Korea, but also in North America, Europe, Japan, and have been in service in more than 20 countries. In 2012, KOG established a corporation in the United States and in the Philippines providing direct Elsword services. KOG is a company that keeps a lot of people around the world engaged year after year by making games that are fun for everyone. (KOG official website:

ELITE GAMES is the Local Publishing Partner of KOG for its critically acclaimed Mobile title, “GrandChase - Dimensional Chaser”.  Founded in 2016, ELITE GAMES is one of the leading international Game Service and Marketing Providers based in the Philippines with its regional HQ located in the Silicon Valley of Asia, Pangyo, South Korea.    

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

UniPin debuts in the Philippines!

Hey Guys !

It's been a while! I've been adjusting with my new job this past few weeks, the reason why I wasn't able to attend events and share news to you lately, I'm kinda trying to start attending events and write again slowly now that I'm settled in my new job.

And finally I have something to share with you guys, specially with my fellow gamers. Yesterday, at TNC High Grounds Café UniPin Online Game Voucher, Indonesia’s biggest and most favorable brand in the Indonesian online gaming industry strengthen its presence in the Southeast Asian Gaming Market by venturing into the Philippines.

In the middle: Me together with the CEO of UniPin Mr. Ashadi Ang

Today the online game market for the Southeast Asian gaming industry is experiencing a tremendous growth and this has motivated UniPin to a new chapter in its digital journey to move its expansion to the Philippines to cater to the growing online gamers of this region. Demand in the online gaming market further geared us to develop and build the greatest gaming community for this region, in particular to provide a regional eSports platform for the local Philippines gamers to connect with Southeast Asia gaming communities and to support the creation of a healthy eSports lifestyle among the young generation.

To kick start its Southeast Asian vision, UniPin is partnering with Philippines local partners, such as SM Cyberzone to organize eSport competitions across the Philippines, and among others TNC Philippine Holdings Inc. being one of the distributors, in the distribution of UniPin Online Game Voucher for the Philippines’ gaming market.

Mr. Ashadi Ang, the CEO of UniPin said, "There are numerous questions as to why we chose the Philippines as our first milestone to enter the Southeast Asian countries". With Philippines’ population of more than 100 million people coupled with the percentages of residents possessing bank accounts at 14% - 16%, according to the research conducted by BPS survey (The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas), position Philippines to be the ideal platform to launch UniPin due to many similarities in terms of market trends and gamers characteristics between the Philippines and Indonesia.

"A vision, a dream to merge the gamers experiences in Southeast Asian countries, even though sounds impossible, but with our experiences, commitments and high dedication, we are optimistic to make our dream come true " concurs Mr. Ashadi Ang . "A big dream starts with a leap of faith and the courage to act, and we start this leap with the Philippines. We foresee that UniPin will merge and connect both the Philippines’ gamers’ experiences with the Indonesian’s gamers community and together bring forth the gamers’ community in both countries to a higher level."

“Currently UniPin partners with more than 300 game publishers worldwide and has a total of 10,000 game titles. This enables us to serve 30 million gaming communities which is in line with our slogan ‘’One for All, All for One,” as announced by the CEO of UniPin with much enthusiasm and confidence at the Press Conference delivered on the 15th of May 2018 in Manila.

With its vast game titles, UniPin is committed to create the greatest online gaming community in the Southeast Asia region, by first embarking with the Philippines, through its international-class flagship and favorite products such as Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG), Dota 2, League of Legends, Battlenet Club, Nexon Karma Koin, and many more games to come.

In its starting debut for the Philippines, UniPin will collaborate with SM Cyberzone by hosting a nationwide eSports tournaments starting in June 2018. The winners of such tournaments will then be flown to Jakarta to compete in UniPin’s eSports Cup for the Southeast Asia, which will take place sometime in October 2018.

To support its presence in the Philippines, UniPin also cooperates  with other Philippines local companies to provide a comprehensive payment channels such as 7-Eleven, Globe, Smart, Dragon Pay, TNC cybercafé, SM Dept / supermarket, Bayad Center, Axiapedia, Globe G-Cash & BPI Bank, and many other payment channels.

For more details you can visit their website, at

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

See you at GameCon 2018

Hey guys!

I just want to share to you an upcoming event that I'm really excited to go to.
It's the second year of GameCon Philippines on February 10-11, 2018 at the Megatrade Hall 2, 5th Floor of Building B, SM Megamall.

GameCon PH highlights the theme of “Next Generation Gaming”.  The in-house conference will share the new practices, topics, and trends in the gaming industry.  This event also provides a platform for exhibitors to showcase new game products and creations. Get to see and try out the new products from global brands like HP Omen and Logitech.

GameCon Ph on their second year, will give and present you the latest gaming trends with your community. Share your passion with your community in GameCon.   This 2-day event offers the full spectrum of games from video games, e-sport games, mobile games, tabletop games, virtual reality applications, up to robotics.  If this line-up doesn’t impress you, take advantage of the first demo setup by our game development partners during the event.

The event highlights includes the game development workshop,  interactive booths, play areas, technology exhibits, trade show, cosplay competition, and card game tournaments.  Don't miss the talked-about Electronic Game Collegiate League Show Matches and Mobile Game mini tournaments as enjoyed by our e-games community.

The GameCon 2018 Highlight is the return of Roborumble, the Philippine’s first light-weight robot combat tournament that will happen on February 11, 2018.

With so much excitement and activities,  GameCon is now the premiere event weekend destination for the Filipino Family.

Tickets are available at all different SM Ticket outlets or online on One day pass will cost P160 and the Two- day pass is P270. For more information about the events just go to the facebook page of GameCon PH or go to

And that's it guys!
See you there! ;)

Paula ;)

Gamecon Philippines is co-presented by Logitech and HP Omen also in partnership with Smart.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Elite Games Inc. Launched 4 New Mobile Games at the

Hey Guys!

Earlier this month at the Philippine-Korea Video Game Cooperation Conference, Gyeonggi Content Agency (GCA), a provincial South Korean government agency which represents the Gyeonggi Province, announced their partnership with Elite Games Inc.  to bring quality games from South Korea to Southeast Asia.

At the mentioned event, Elite Games Inc. also announced that they'll be introducing 4 new mobile games in Southeast Asia. The Philippines will get the honored spot to ve the launch pad for these 4 new titles and many more to come down the road.

The 4 games are Joy Planet, Next Exit, Velator, and Fantasy Tales . Elite Games Inc. will provide regional publishing services for the mentioned mobile games.

After the conference, we were allowed to be one of the first to try out the 4 new mobile games. Here are their details;

Joy Planet
A game where you can create your own planet to travel around the world and uncover its beauty!
Solve puzzles to progress and obtain real-world landmarks for your own personal collection.

•Casual and unique puzzle game match-3 puzzle that anyone can play.
•Build your own planet: decorate your planet with stores, street stalls, ornaments, tiles and more.
•More than 140 puzzle stages

Next Exit
is an escapist platformer with simple controls that is easy to learn but hard to master. With numerous ways to die, the game reminds players that each instance of death is a lesson to learn, and it's never the end until the player quits. To top it all off, players can create their own elaborate level using the nunerous props and items in the game .

Fantasy Tales
This is my second fave, a world with two colliding goddesses: the Goddess of Creation Ditne, and Goddess of Destruction, Lakstia.

•Graphics and design: Unique character designs and action oriented combat system.
•Hero list: Form your team by choosing the right combination for your party
•Arena: Fight your way in the arena to become the best of the best.
•Idle Gameplay: Your account continuously proceeds with every stage even with just running in backround mode
•Rebirt: rebirt your account to reach higher goals .

Last but not the least is my ultimate fave fron the bunch,
Velator: Immortal Invation
From Red Sahara Studio, Velator is a Fantasy Epic Team Strategy RPG set in the kingdom of Shunhyte.

•Unique team building system
•Multiple single player game modes in HD 3D graphics.
•Challenge players in multiple PVP modes
•Conquer in massive guild battles
•Deep hero customization
•In game hero analysis
•Awesome Soundtrack

And that's it! the 4 games will be launched before the year ends, so stay tuned for updates!  ;)

'till next time!

Paula :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Foodpanda embarks on a new chapter in its brand evolution and unveils a fresh new look and exciting features

Hey everyone!

Here's some news for my fellow foodies who sometimes depends on food delivery just like me, foodpanda, the on-demand international food delivery service, is getting a fresh new look across its markets, offering its customers a new visual identity to accompany its renowned service standards and vision to deliver good food into people's everyday.

The brand’s enhanced look and feel is set to create value and impact in the fast-growing food delivery industry, specifically with its new outstanding pink color. The panda, an iconic brand symbol, will remain at the forefront, but has been tweaked into a rounder, more modern version. The use of a simplified shape in terms of color and line weight has also come into place, while keeping the friendliness and enhancing the memorability of the logo. In addition, the font has been updated to be more contemporary, in line with the brand’s new direction.
We are very excited to deploy our refreshed brand image and spread our new signature pink color across our markets. This marks the beginning of a new era and enables us to further stand out in the streets of the cities we cover.” says Julian Dames, Global CMO at foodpanda.

No matter the craving or price range, foodpanda opens all of its cities up to an exciting world of flavors – only now, it will do so with a new distinctive pink color. The foodpanda app and websites are introducing an improved user-friendly interface and design, as well as several new features. Customers will now be able to receive dynamic delivery times which take into account dish preparation, rider availability and time to reach their desired location, down to the last minute. In addition, foodpanda has also introduced a live tracking feature, which would allow customers to watch in real time, as their orders make their way from their favorite restaurants right to their doorstep, hassle free!

The rider equipment and in-restaurant material will also incorporate the new design and logo, without any service quality changes for customers or partner restaurants.

We took the refreshed design as an opportunity to improve our visibility and also provide even more safety to the riders. Not only are uniforms eye-catching with the pink color, but rider jackets are also lightweight and water resistant. We have also added reflective material in different parts of the rider uniform, that will be more noticeable to others on the road. This combination of style and safety will ensure being noticed on the street, and will also allow riders to enjoy wearing them while staying safe.” adds Dames.
Curious to see the new and improved foodpanda? Visit our website and download the app on IOS or Android now!

And that's it!
Hope this helps especially to those who rely on food delivery almost everyday.

'Til next time!

Paula ;)

About foodpanda:
foodpanda is dedicated to bringing food lovers around the world their favorite meals from curated local restaurants. Since its creation, the on-demand food delivery service has grown to more than 27,000 partner restaurants in more than 190 cities across 12 Asian and Central Europe countries globally. foodpanda is active in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Brunei, India, Romania and Bulgaria. It belongs to Delivery Hero, worldwide leader of the food delivery industry. For more information visit

How it works:
Through the foodpanda website or via the new iOS and Android apps, customers can enter their area and view a curated list of restaurants serving their neighborhood. Once they have found their meal of choice, they can place an order in the comfort of their home or office, paying online through foodpanda’s secure platform. The order is then carefully prepared by the restaurant, picked up by the foodpanda rider and delivered straight to their doorstep.

Follow us on:
Facebook: panda philippines/
Twitter: @foodpandaPH
Instagram: @foodpanda_ph

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Ragnarok Journey PH Grand Party

Hey guys!

Last Sunday, November 12, at Glorietta 2 activity center, Gravity Co. Ltd. hosted a Grand Party for the upcoming arrival of Ragnarok Journey in the Philippines.

Based on the popular MMORPG Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Journey is a browser MMORPG where players can battle against colorful monsters,  gain new abilities and participate in quests in a fantasy world.  It's a game everyone can play anytime,  anywhere,  without the need to download a client.

Before I discuss more details about Ragnarok Journey,  here are some of the highlights from the grand party.

The whole event was hosted by popular GMA talents Betong Sumaya and Arianne Bautista. The event was packed with gamers and long time Ragnarok fans. Early birds even got some goodies including a cute sized poring plushie.

The COO of Gravity Co. Ltd. Mr. Yoshinori Kitamura was also present at the event he gave a speech about Ragnarok Journey and gave us some insight about other Gravity Games that will be released here in PH in the near future.

Of course I got an opportunity to have a pic with Mr. Yoshinori together with my blogger friend Kamila (first girl on the left)  :)

Aside from the raffle and games there was also a cosplay competion where the contestants showcased their best RO character or NPC costumes,  here's a pic of the winners. 

This is me with the cute cosplayers from the Ragnarok booth, this groupie is actually a requirement for me to earn a passport stamp, that can be used to exchange for a price after the program. 😍

In the afternoon,  we were given a chance to interview Ms. Liliana Bae (배 상 진) from the Business Division of Gravity, she answered all of our questions and discussed all the things we need to know about Ragnarok Journey PH.

Aimed toward casual gamers, Ragnarok has been re-imagined in an all new convinient AI assisted adventure style which makes grinding and leveling up easier. Battle monsters throughout the world of Rune Midgard and use your skills to traverse through new dungeons and zones.

Here are some of the important details about Ragnarok Journey:

* One of the best features of this casual MMORPG is the Auto Play!  Turn it on and your character goes on full auto mode killing monsters and looting. When I asked Ms. Lillian if there will be tasks when actual player engagement will be needed, she said there will be some but most of the grinding can be done via auto mode.

* The game also allows players choosw a specialize class such as Mage or Swordsman at level 10.

* Characters can accumulate new abilities by manually adding skill points,  and unleash devastating attacks on a menagerie of colorful fantasy monsters, the same model used in the classic Ragnarok Online.

*There will be quests from NPCs which a player can accomplish in exchange for daily rewards.

*The game can be played in any device,  can be a pc, tablet, or a smartphone as long as your browser has a flash player, it's actually great for those who have a full time job but still want to play any Ragnarok related game.

*Also, when I asked Ms. Lillian about the availability of in game items/buffs etc. she said, there will be in game items you can purchase to help you level up faster but that doesn't mean that those who can't shell out extra cash can't win, it's a game that can be enjoyed by everyone who'll play it, either you spend extra cash or not.

BTW the event passport that I've mentioned earlier?  I was able to complete all the needed stamps and I exchanged it for this big adorbs poring plushie after the interview 😍

Last but not the least of course we waited for the final performer of the day,  6 Cyclemind!  😁

And that's it!
I hope you guys especially fellow RO fans were enlightened by this post about Ragnarok Journey PH.

You can follow their Facebook page for updates about when the game will be released. You can also pre-register here 😊

'Til next time!

Paula :)

Friday, November 17, 2017

A Tow-riffic Christmas at SM City Taytay!

Hey guys!

Last Saturday,  November 11, Christmas season officially started at SM City Taytay when they lighted their Disney Cars themed Christmas centerpiece,  it was a night full of awesomeness for the kids and kids at heart who were present.

There were a few performances before the centerpiece was lighted;

Here's a pic of some kids performing a cute dance number.

Allen Cecilio also sang for the crowd.

A few moments before the lighting of the centerpiece.

Here's a pic of the guests and the happy kids who attended in their racing costumes posing in front of the lighted centerpiece.

Of course last but not the least the night would not be complete without me posing with the adorbs Christmas Tree!  😍
Missed this event? You and your kids can also take pics at the cutesy display as well when you visit SM City Taytay,  the display will be there until January 7, 2018. :)

And that's it for today!
I hope you guys liked it.

'til next time!

Paula. ;)